day two


She came a couple of days earlier than expected, so I was out of town when she was born, and was sad to have missed out on documenting her birth story.  As soon as I got back into town, I made my way over to meet her and to start documenting.  Even though at that point in my photography career, I hadn’t fully learned how to use my camera, the photos I captured that day are still some of my favorites.  And it’s not because I nailed them technically, it’s because they represent my niece’s second day in this world.  Her life as it was then - in the hospital, before going home.  She’s grown so fast (she’s 18 months now), and it’s crazy to look back and think that just one short week after she went home, she already looked different.  When I look at the photos from that day, all of the beautiful, excited emotions that I felt come flooding back.  She’ll never be that small again.  She’ll never be freshly born in a hospital room again.  But we have a beautiful and tangible memory to cherish forever.